Airlines – when the odds cross a line

Mike wrote a piece on the Boeing:

Boeing 737-MAX jet. Unsafe at any altitude.

… and I wrote, in comments:

About a decade ago, mainly in response to Airbus, I decided not to fly again. Now this with Boeing, then the cheapo airlines in general, just confirm that. The risk factor, once low, is now approaching unacceptable.

There was a post many moons ago at the old N.O. on maglev and I recall Ivan and DK, the blogger, saying it was as safe as any other form.

Seems so, there’ve been no major incidents that I’ve noticed. ?Though it is a bit woolly of thinking to say boats are safer, if she does fall apart, crack at the seams, and if we’re on deck, then the ship’s boat is tried and tested for three – at least there’s that.

With a plane or bullet train, anything over 10mph or more than 5 feet off the ground, your engineering needs to be pretty spot on.

Decades ago, I flew Qantas as the last leg visiting my parents downunder and somehow got into a discussion with the flight engineer. ?I assure you it happened and he confirmed what I thought that this was the same plane which had dropped 15k feet because there was a misreading of the sine waves or whatever but as he reassured me, the system did correct itself eventually.

Brilliant – I just thanked him and reassured him that I was reassured, a lie. ?Model passenger for the rest of the flight. ?I forgot to add that the plane had just dropped 5k feet, not good around mealtime.

On a boat, e.g. my cat, I was in control and so, if she leapt off the top of a wave into the air, there was still a better than even chance she would come down in a predictable way.

Now “Mike’s” Boeing 737 – very, very worrying indeed. ?I believe we’ve crossed a line of incompetence now. ?I don’t mean the computer control per se but that there was no failsafe, it was the same source for all.

I know quite a few techies in the realworld and some of the tales of expertise and PC demands that failsafes ?be routinely ignored do tend to freak out someone who already doesn’t trust.

A Luddite is someone who doesn’t want any new tech for economic reasons. ?This thing I am is seeing worrying data accumulating and judging from that. ?Plus the Skynet principle of ‘should not dabble in things not understood’.

I’m also aware of Project Fear, not just in Brexit but also with this climate scam for money – also see Harry and those clowns carbon blasting to discuss how bad carbon blasting is.

In short, I don’t trust those in charge, especially those reassuring me.


It’s a caustic and provocative heading to be sure, I acknowledge that and thought for some time what header to put but could not think of a more apt title for what follows below.

Let’s begin with the macro and move to the specific further down:

Watching the Democrats debate the last two nights, the unmistakable impression is that the people turning America into a land of strangers has not thought about how such a land can operate as a democracy.

The debate field has just about one from every category among the ascendant. The only thing they are missing is a 65-IQ East African and a Muslim wearing a dynamite vest. Otherwise, the field looks like the brochure for multiculturalism the party likes to wave around.

The trouble is, the impression one gets while watching the parade of strange faces and bizarre identities is that these people are not capable of doing much of anything.

All right:


Firstly, as most know, I’m not Roman Catholic or as they would say – the One True Church – but this was most interesting and for those not au fait, hate to use Wiki but it’s a quick reference, innit?

As one commenter said, he’d never seen Blonde looking so happy and that’s because she, once one of the multitude of empty Millennials pursuing the wrong things, she woke up and so to the video:


There are stories which can be amusing:

… and others not remotely amusing:

The most popular drugs are MDMA, ketamine, cocaine, magic mushrooms, cannabis and LSD, they said, but many are also on Xanax and so-called study drugs Ritalin and Adderall.

Quick recap on my own yoof without giving too much away. During my primary years, there was nothing of the kind among us boys.